Project Ô aims at demonstrating:

  1. A novel distributed water network that enables the use of alternative sources of water, such as brackish/salt water, collected rainwater, own/external wastewater owing to the following characteristics:

    1. Ability to treat efficiently contaminants and pollutants in water otherwise unusable or very costly to use reducing pressure on (natural) resources.
    2. High specialisation coupled with modularity of design and closed loop control based on innovative sensors.
    3. Small scale specialisation and use of solar power and irradiation allowing the development of mobile plants to deal with low volumes of water difficult to reach.
  2. A Multi-user Collaborative Platform allowing water systems authorities and regulators as well as water users to evaluate the overall effects of introducing and regulating small water management loops.
  3. Integrated and participative approaches to water planning involving directly the community and the territory fostering social innovation.